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We're going to Walt Disney World!  We're so excited (you can read more about our whole planning process here in our We're Going to Walt Disney World post!) We decided on this trip years ago, as it's my big birthday this year and I wanted to go somewhere that made me feel like a kid!  So with all of this planning I have also been shopping for quite a while.  Some of these purchases are great to do before you go as you will save money by buying them before you go.  Some of them are just unique, instead of buying from Disney shops when you're there you're able to buy from individual makers and small shops and get something really special.

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Disney Clothes for a Trip to Walt Disney World

I think it's nice to have character t-shirts for walking around the parks as they look great in photos and if you're meeting characters you'll get some great interactions if you can show them who you're wearing.  I have found a lot of inexpensive items for all of the members of the family at regular high street shops, some beautiful and unique tops from small shops and some serious bargain buys online.

The top row are all from Primark, bottom row L-R ShopDisney, Lularoe, H&M, Zara and eBay.

Disney Clothes from High Street Shops

Unique Disney Clothing Pieces from Small Shops

Bargain Shopping for Disney themed Clothes

  • ebay - you can find a lot of unique tshirts on ebay, also a great place to order personalised family tops, just be sure to check shop reviews 
  • AliExpress - this is a new site to me, but I found these lovely simple Princess inspired dresses for such a bargain price I just couldn't resist.  There are also plenty of cute tshirts available.  Most items ship from China so it does take some time for them to arrive though, so order early!
These flip flops are all from Primark.

Disney Ears for a Trip to Walt Disney World

For many people a Disney outfit just is not complete without a pair of mouse ears!  Again there are a few high street shops to buy some official Disney ears, some incredibly special ears from small shops and some very cheap ears to be found online.

Mermaid and Pom Pom ears from Primark, Pink Headband from ShopDisney, Snacks Knotband from Magic and Main Street Ears, Ear holder clip from Main Street Makes, the rest are all from eBay.

Disney Ears from High Street Shops

Unique Disney themed Ears (and accessories) from Small Shops

Bargain Shopping for Disney themed Ears

Jewellery and Pins for a Trip to Walt Disney World

An outfit can be topped off with a few accessories like pins and jewellery with a Disney theme, especially if you don't want to go all out with the Disney outfits.



Travel Essentials for a Trip to Walt Disney World

Disney themed luggage is probably more for regular visitors to the Disney parks, but you may want to look at smaller character bags and backpacks to add to your travel gear or daily outfits.  We also do try to do our bit to be a bit more eco, so on this trip we will be bringing our own reusable water bottles and snack bags.

Bags on the left are both from Primark, Princess backpack is from Amazon and the Bambi bag is from Cath Kidston.

Luggage and Bags

Travel Cups, Utensils and Straws

  • N Heart Creations makes these Disney Vinyl Sticker Decals perfect for adding a bit of Disney to a reusable water bottle or travel coffee cup
  • The Fun Impossible has snack bags, straws, cutlery, tissues and many other reusable travel items
A selection of travel essentials from Poundland, fans are from Primark.

Park Bag Essentials for a Trip to Walt Disney World

There are certainly many items that you will want to have in your park bag each day that can be bought for a lot less money on Amazon or other online shops before you travel, here are a few of our essentials:

Car window shades from Toys for a Pound, Ponchos from Poundland, Minnie hand sanitiser and shopping bag from Primark, Villains hand sanitiser from ShopDisney.

Snack pouches and straw pouch from The Fun Impossible, water bottles from Toys for a Pound and snack boxes from Poundland.

Please take a read of our Theme Park Bag Essentials post for even more ideas! (coming soon!)

Fabulous Disney Extras for a Trip to Walt Disney World

If you are at all interested in pin collecting or getting autographs from the characters that you meet then you may want to buy lanyards and autograph books before your trip.

Pins from Primark and lanyards from eBay.

Autograph books from ShopDisney, personalised autograph books from Etsy and click Sharpies from Amazon.

Park Tickets for a Trip to Walt Disney World

You can purchase park tickets directly from Disney before you go or from several different online sellers which often offer better deals and extras.

Disney Countdown for a Trip to Walt Disney World

A great way to get ready for your trip is with a countdown!
  • Etsy - With Love Store Co
  • I am also planning a super fun countdown for the kids about a month before our trip, more details to come!
Hope that all helps with your planning and shopping for your big trip to Disney too!

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* This post contains affiliate links.*

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