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Legoland at Christmas


We went to Legoland Windsor (affiliate link) yesterday for their Legoland at Christmas celebration!  These special Christmas days are open for weekends throughout November and December, but we left if right close to Christmas to go, on the day after the children finished school for the term.  We were lucky as well as we waited to buy tickets and bought them on sale on Black Friday.

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The day we went was unfortunately very rainy, so in our park bag along with the usual snacks, water bottles, first aid kit, wipes and other essentials we also brought spare socks and gloves to try to keep warm.  I package these in individual waterproof bags so that they definitely stay dry, and the wet socks can then go into those same bags.  I also brought some fun things like sticker books for in the car and glow sticks for when it got dark.

We arrived at Legoland around 11am and went straight to the gates, the children were each given a special passport and we were each given a golden ticket to keep.  The childrens' tickets had a tear off voucher for a gift from Father Christmas and the adult tickets had a voucher for a hot drink and a cookie.

Once we were in the park we were greeted by a Lego Santa, perfect for photo opportunities!  There was also a chance to meet Lego characters (Minifigure Santa and Holiday Ollie) at set times of day outside of the Little Shop (times can be found on the Legoland app).  Unfortunately we weren't up at the top at any of those times so we didn't meet any characters yesterday.

However, there were lots of other Christmas activities for the day and we couldn't wait to try to do them all!

A stop in the Hill Top Cafe first to make a plan for the day and have a quick coffee and a cookie.  (The Hill Top Cafe is the only place in the park that you can find these minifigure cookies as well as other Lego themed snacks like cupcakes with a Lego brick on top and the Lego fries).

We then had to pay the Star Wars Miniland a visit because it closes on December 31st (not sure what it's being replaced with) but we do love it in there so we will miss it.  Going through was definitely an indication of how the park would be for the rest of the day, as we had the whole place to ourselves!

Then onto the Brickmas Express!  The Hill Train had been transformed into a festive journey down into Legoland with the wreaths on the doors and other decorations.  It was a fun start to our day.

We also loved all of the festive backdrops around the park that were great for photos of the children throughout the day.  We love an Instagram wall!

The longest line that we waited in was for the Lego City Driving School as there weren't very many cars running, and unfortunately it was absolutely pouring rain!  However it was a little bit special as the background music was Driving Home for Christmas as the children drove around.

We then went on to other rides, all with very short lines.  We went on the new Haunted House Monster Party with just a 5 minute line, the children went on Thunder Blazer (the swings) and we went on Laser Raiders together.

We looked for some of the fun Christmassy scavenger hunt items around the park, there were Lego elves all around to find.

There were also Christmas puddings with letters by them that need to be unscrambled to make a Christmas word.  There were spaces in the passports that the children received at the entrance to complete all of these activities.  (Although unlike other events these were just for fun and not for a prize.)

We had a prebooked time of 2:30pm to visit Father Christmas, so we then headed over to the Enchanted Forest to check in and walk through the Christmas trail.  It's decorated with Lego scenes as well as lots of Christmas decorations.  At the end of the trail you then head over to the other side of the castle (lead by the elves).

You are then assigned an elf (ours was called Candy Cane) to walk you over to Santa's cabin through the trees.

Santa was fantastic and had a full conversation with the children.  He knew their names and asked them all about school and what rides they liked at Legoland and what they wanted for Christmas.  We didn't feel rushed at all.  The children sat down for photos with Santa and we were able to take our own (they also took one which was available to buy at the end, but we didn't buy it).  Then they were given gifts from Santa.  Again they were so personal to the child.  I believe that the blue symbol bags are for boys and the red for girls, but when Santa asked the elf for a blue and a red bag, she then said that she would look at a black one.  So she handed a blue one to Ethan and one of the special black ones to Ivy.

When they looked in their bags after we left Ethan found a Lego set of an airplane, which is perfect for him and Ivy's had a sequinned soft toy unicorn, which is absolutely perfect for her as she is asking for a unicorn toy for Christmas.  So although it isn't a Lego set (I believe that it is probably Lego Friends sets in the red bags) it is actually something else that she loves and very sweet of that elf to find it for her.

We then went for a late lunch at City Walk Pizza and Pasta (as we always do, it is quite pricey but it's so easy for us as there's something that everyone likes to eat).  They had a special Christmas themed pizza in the buffet that had chicken and cranberry sauce on it.  The pop badges that they gave out were also Christmassy with an elf on them.

We then went next door to Mrs Christmas' Toy Shop!  This runs every half an hour (times can be found on the Legoland app).  It's so lovely, Mrs Christmas is up on a stage and tells everyone that she is a bit behind on helping to make the toys so she needs some help to make some Lego trains.

Each of the children is then given a little bag of Lego pieces to build a train.  Mrs Christmas walked around while they were making them, so we were able to get a photo with her as well.

At the end she then told everyone that they had done such a good job that they could bring the little trains home with them.  It was very sweet.

By then it had started to get dark, so we walked around looking at all of the beautiful Christmas lights around the park.  It truly looked magical all lit up at night.

It had also really emptied out at this point, so there were no queues at all for the rides.  Ethan was able to go on Ninjago six times in a row!  Ivy was also able to go on Desert Chase (the carousel), Thunder Blazer (the swings) all by herself and we went on Aero Nomad (the ferris wheel) all by ourselves and were treated to a few extra goes around and a nice little stop at the top to see all of the lights.

We finished off our day with a walk around Miniland all by ourselves, finding all of the Christmas characters and seeing all of the lights there too.

We popped into the Hill Top Cafe again just before setting off home to pick up some Lego fries (of course) and other snacks for the way home.

We had a fantastic day at Legoland at Christmas, despite the rain we were able to go on so many rides and the visit to Father Christmas was fantastic.  The other little Christmassy touches really made the day super festive an we would definitely go back again next Christmas.

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