Educational Toys Christmas Gift List


It's that time of year again, and we are compiling our list of Educational Toys for Christmas Gifts!

This post contains gifted items and affiliate links.

We like to break our list down into the different areas of learning so that you can gift in a balanced way.

Literacy Toys

Of course there are plenty of wonderful books to include, but we already own so many Christmas themed books that we haven't brought any more this year.

We also love personalised books, we were sent this very cool WatAdventures book for Ethan that is just so cool! The one that we chose is called From the Sewer to the Stars - The Rise of the WatAdventurers.  It's quite a long book, very well made and it's all about saving the planet.  Ethan's name is throughout the book as he is the main character and I was able to chose the avatar that looked most like him as well.  There are two stories in the book and some activities all related to environmental issues.

I have also ordered a personalised Disney book for Ivy from In the Book, which hasn't arrived yet, but it looks like another great option.

We also love activity books and wipe clean books to practice writing as well as spelling games and toys.

Mathematics Toys

We love maths!

We recently reviewed a variety of Rubiks Toys from John Adams, please read our review for more details, but we really do love Rubiks toys and they are perfect Christmas gifts and great for children's strategic development and coordination.

We also received this Counting Mountain game from Orchard Toys which is a lot of fun!  It's great for learning and reinforcing counting and addition skills.  There is a 3D mountain that you set up in the middle and try to climb by answering the questions correctly, but you might get a yeti card that sends you back down.  It will be perfect for family games afternoons in the winter.

Science / STEM Toys

It is fantastic how easy it is to find wonderful STEM toys now!

We are crazy about these Coding Critters from Learning Resources that they sent us.  The set that we got is Ranger and Zip, two adorable little dogs that can be programmed and played with the move around in different ways.  It is aimed at children from age 4 and up, which is fantastic as these toys are often aimed at older children.  It comes with a storybook that your child can follow along with to play different games with the little critters.  There are two different modes, the coding mode which you use to control their movements and also the interactive pet mode which you can use to play with and feed your pet.  The other sets are the cats Scamper & Sneaker as well as the dinosaurs Rumble & Bumble.

We also received this amazing Space Rocket Kit from Rex London that Ethan is going to absolutely love!  He will get to build his own space rocket and then add baking soda and vinegar to make it fly!  I mean, that's going to be incredible and so much fun for an activity over Christmas break.

We also received this Landmarks Lotto game from Orchard Toys , it's one of their mini games which are perfect for travel and this one just happens to be travel themed!  It is aimed at children from age 4-7 and for 2 to 4 players.  The players have to collect the landmark cards to fill their passports and they learn facts about them along the way.

Physical Development Toys

It's important not to leave out toys that will help with gross motor skills as well as fine motor skills.

We received a very cool toy called Boom Trix which is basically a bunch a mini trampolines that you can set up in a sequence and then bounce your metal balls along the track from one trampoline to the next.  So it's all about creativity and coordination to make it work, and to challenge yourself to make more difficult each time.  This is aimed at ages 8 and up so it will be more of a challenge, perfect for Ethan.

Creative Development Toys

There are so many different creative toys to choose from!

We love play dough, colouring sets and jewellery making at the moment.

I also picked up this Toy Story melting bead set the other day, it's similar to Hama Beads and we haven't really done any before this seems like a good start.  It's a great little stocking stuffer and activity for a rainy day.

Social Development Toys

Social development is another area that is sometimes forgotten about, but small world play can be fantastic for helping children to understand how to interact with people.

We were given this lovely Beauty and the Beast set from a toy event that we went to (Dream Toys) and it will be perfect for imaginative play and acting out situations between Belle and the Beast.

Games are also great for social development and learning about playing fairly, turn taking and being a good winner / good loser as well (we definitely need to work on that!)

We recently reviewed this Harry Potter Dobble game from Asmodee and really enjoy playing it as a family.  It's perfect to take with us anywhere and would make an excellent stocking filler.

And that's it, lots of fun and educational gift ideas for this Christmas!
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* This post contains gifted items for review as well as affiliate links, however all opinions are our own.*

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