Awesome Bloss'ems Review


We have been sent these new Awesome Bloss'ems toys from Spinmaster to play with and review.

This is a review post and also contains affiliate links

We were sent 2 Awesome Bloss'ems (which is perfect so that Ethan and Ivy each got their own).  They are a surprise toy with a difference, which we really love!  It's great to open up a blind bag and find a little collectible inside, but as a parent I do appreciate when there is a bit more to it, so that the experience lasts a bit longer, which is what you get with the Awesome Bloss'ems.

First you unwrap the outer plastic and open it up, quite helpfully there is a little booklet that says 'Read Me First!' with full instructions on what to do next.

You will want to be doing this on an easy to clean surface as the 'soil' can be a bit messy.  You remove the plastic cover and tab that are protecting the seed first.

Next you open up the purple 'soil' (which is actually a spongey material with glitter on it) and pour the whole bag onto the seed in the pot.

Then you will need a little cup of water, and to use the leaf scoop provided to slowly drip spoonfuls of water onto the soil to water your Awesome Bloss'em.  

After doing this for a little while your doll will suddenly grow and blossom from the seed!

You can then remove the doll from the seed and discard the soil and the seed pod.

Then you can assemble the doll's little home, there are a few little accessories to punch out of the card and your doll can stand up or lay down in her hammock (that leaf scoop doubles as a doll hammock, which I love!)

Of course each doll is a collectible and there are 26 dolls available, 5 in each of the 5 sets plus one ultra rare doll which has a real diamond in her tiara!

These Awesome Bloss'ems dolls are great to play with after the fun of blossoming them as well, I love that they then have their own little homes with accessories.  They would be perfect to bring out to play with at a restaurant or while travelling as they are completely portable and contained in their houses.
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* This is a review post, we were sent two Awesome Bloss'ems toys to play with and give our honest review. *

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