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Nanables Review


We have been sent these absolutely adorable Nanables from Jazwares and I just can't get over how cute they are!  They are teeny tiny little houses and shops from the Sweetness Town and Rainbow Way sets.

We received a box of six different Nanables (which are available to buy from Smyths Toys) to play with and explore.  Our first impressions were that the houses are adorable!  They each come with two little Nanos (people) which really are tiny (so these toys are definitely only suitable for slightly older children, they recommend age 6 and above).

The Nanables are perfect for collecting, exploring and playing with.  We've got the Dusted Donut Diner, Milk and Cookie Mill and Lolli-Pop Stars Dance Studio from Sweetness Town set and the Sparkle Day Spa, Rainbow-tique and Twinkle, Twinkle Inn from the Rainbow Way set.

When you open up the packaging you will see the dwelling and one nano through the dome, then when you take the base off and turn it over you will find your second surprise nano.  You can then use the enclosed guide to identifying the Nanos that you have for each building.

You can then place the Nanos in the various hangouts around each of the Nanables.  The Nanos have a tiny hole in the bottom of them and there are spots for them to stick onto around each of the buildings.  So you can then easily move them around during play and store them securely on these spots when not in use.

We love exploring all of the tiny little details of each of the Nanables, they are just incredibly well made and the children have loved noticing all of the different features.  They all have doors that open up and have just enough space for a little Nano to stand.  They also have interesting features on each of the four sides of the building.  They often have balconies and walkways and are beautiful bright colours as well.

Each of the Nanables also has a viewing window, so you can peek through and see inside the teeny tiny buildings.  What you see inside goes along with the theme of the building, so it will often be one of the little Nanos running a shop or doing something inside, and again there are plenty of details to be observed each time you take another look.

There is also a Nanables app which allows you to explore the world of the Nanables even further.  You can play the game with whichever Nanable is available for free that week, as well as scanning in your own collected Nanables to play with anytime.

We love our collection of Nanables, they are fantastic to play with and look adorable as a collection up on a shelf as well.  The perfect little toy to keep children busy when out and about and they would also make lovely little additions to gifts or small stocking fillers. 

We are also lucky enough to be giving away 2 Nanables to one reader, head on over to our Nanables Giveaway post to enter!

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* This is a review post, we were sent six different Nanables toys to play with and write our honest reviews.*

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  1. These are so cute,i just know they'd complete my lil girls room x

  2. My daughter thinks they are so cute and loves the details and accessories!

  3. I'd like to collect Nanables to spend a special time with my granddaughter who loves Nanables.

  4. I love how small they are, remind me of polly pockets

  5. They are a good size to take out with you to relatives houses.

  6. As well as the Nanables falling into the seriously cute category they are perfect for little hands.

  7. My granddaughter Violet would love this brilliant prize!

  8. They are so cute, my daughter would love them

  9. My daughter loves things like this and one is never enough

  10. They are so cute - my great neice will have so much fun

  11. My daughter would love them because they look so cute

  12. I would love to collect them because I know that my granddaughter would love them and have hours of fun with them.


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