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Zak Storm Hover Vehicle and Treasure Coins


It really in incredible how children can now play and interact with characters on so many different levels.  We are big fans of imaginative play and creating our own little worlds with small toys, but we're also very realistic users of screen time.  The kids love to watch their favourite shows on tv, and they love to play with apps and games on my phone or a tablet.  So it is fun when there are characters that they can have in all three ways!  The kids can watch Zak Storm on tv, play the app and play with the toys!

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We were lucky enough to receive the Zak Storm Hover Vehicle to play with as well as a couple of packs of the collectible Treasure Coins to review.  The children were so excited to open up the package and see that they would be able to play Zak Storm at home!

First we took a closer look at the Collectible Treasure Coins, each of these packs contain 4 different coins to collect.  Ethan and Ivy love blind bags, so they couldn't wait to tear into the bags and find out which ones they got.

They were also really excited to play with Zak and his Hover Vehicle.  It's a great little board with wheels on the bottom, moveable parts and buttons at the front.  One button pops out parts to expand the board, and the other shoots a stick out of the front (this is Ethan's favourite part!) The package with Zak Storm and his Hover Vehicle also contained a very special coin.

This meant that we had 9 coins altogether.  We had a look at the sheet that came with the coins to see which ones we got and to tick them off.  The children were very happy with the ones that they had.

The front of the coins identify what they are and how they can be used, and on the back there is a special QR code that can be scanned into the app.

Ethan was so excited to open up the app and figure out how to add all of the coins that they had collected into his game.

Once we navigated our way through, it was simple to place the coin in front of the phone and scan through the coins, which give them all sorts of extra features in the game.

Even Ivy was able to scan her coins through with a little bit of help to line them up.

It's a great combination of toys, I love how they all go together.  The children are really enjoying playing the app together, and also playing with Zak Storm on his Hover Vehicle along with some of our other small world toys which get to be the baddies!

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* This is a review post, we were sent the Zak Storm Toys in order to review them and write our honest opinions.*

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