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Unicorn Play Dough Jars


We love any opportunity to release our creativity on the world, so when Ethan was asked to bring in a jar full of fun things for the kids jar tombola at his school's summer fair, we got very excited!  We needed to think of something that we could fit in a jar, that would be fun to play with and that everyone would love...so we decided on unicorn play dough!

What you'll need to make a Unicorn Play Dough Jar:
  • a clean empty jar
  • flour
  • salt
  • water
  • Kool Aid in a few different flavours
  • bowl and spoon
  • measuring cups
  • glitter
  • googly eyes
  • cardboard cone shape
  • glitter glue
  • paint sticks
  • glittery gold paint
  • gems
  • tag

We started by making the play dough using our Kool Aid Play Dough recipe.  I actually doubled the recipe, then split it into 3 bowls before adding the Kool Aid in three different flavours.  One was pink, one purple and one yellow.  Then we made each of the play doughs with the added water.  

Once it had cooled a bit we mixed some glitter into each play dough ball.  This was the kids' favourite part!

Then we took a small amount of each colour of play dough and layered them on top of each other a few times in an attempt to swirl them around, then put it all into the jar.

Next we decorated the jar with googly eyes and a glitter glue smile.  

For the horn Ethan used paint sticks to draw a spiral all around the horn.  Then he painted some glittery gold paint over the whole thing.  We were going to leave it at that, but he decided that it needed some gems as well!

We attached a tag to the jar that says 'unicorn play dough' so that the recipient knows what they're getting.  We do hope that they like it!

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