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I recently realised that I rarely manage to post about the gifts that we give to the children's teachers because it's always such a busy time of year that I don't have the time to write about them.  So I thought I'd dig out some photos and try to share a few of them now.  I don't know about you, but we think it's really important to give a little something to the kids' teachers to show our appreciation.  Even if it's just a handmade card, we always say thank you to their school teachers, swim teachers, ballet teachers and all the others.

End of Year Gifts for Teachers

When Ethan finished his first year of nursery we really wanted to express our gratitude, so we put together some flowers and a card with a Thank You for Helping Me Grow theme for his teachers.

Last year we gave each of Ethan's preschool teachers a summer themed gift and used the fruit infusion water bottles as a base.  I then found some fruit themed stationery (a pen and a notebook) but unfortunately I can't find a photo of them anywhere (I may have to make another one for someone!)

We often contribute to larger class gifts now that Ethan has started proper school, but we still like to make a little something for his teachers.  So this year we are using Kilner drinking jars, decorating them with glass pens and filling them with tea bags (for iced tea), a really nice hand cream and other lotion for another summer themed gift.  I also found these adorable tags and printed them off from Everyday Savvy (I often search around to find tags designed by some very clever bloggers who are much better at this sort of thing than I am!)

Christmas Gifts for Teachers

For Christmas we often like to bake for the teachers and present them in some sort of jar or cup.  When Ethan was in nursery we made these mugs full of Christmas goodies for the teachers which Ethan loved helping to prepare.

We also like to give gloves, hand cream and hand sanitiser as a Christmas gift for the teachers tied all together with a bow, it's just the perfect thing for cold hands at that time of year!

This past year we went back to our original theme though and filled some jars with homemade cranberry shortbread cookies and fudge for each of the teachers that help Ethan's class.

Easter Gifts for Teachers

For Easter we often just give each of the teachers a nice big chocolate Easter egg (what else could you possibly want?) but this year we made them little baskets that we decorated and filled with smaller chocolates!

Beginning of the Year Gifts for Teachers

When the children first start in a new class it's nice to give the teacher a little something to say hello, and for them to get to know the kids a bit better.  We made this A is for Apple Teacher Card for Ethan's first teacher and also included some information about him on this For My New Teacher Transition Booklet that we printed out from Twinkl.

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