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Learning the Continents with our Puzzle Globe


I have been wanting to get the kids a really good globe for a while now, they are very interested in the countries of the world and love looking at maps and pointing out where we live and where our family members around the world live too.  So I was very excited to review this fantastic Puzzle Globe from Learning Resources.

The Puzzle Globe, first of all, looks bright and colourful so it's very inviting for children to play with also looks lovely on a shelf in one of the children's rooms.  Of course it hardly stays on the shelf, because the kids love playing with it!  

Ethan and Ivy couldn't wait to get this globe out of the box when it arrived, but I did manage to show them the continents and how the puzzle globe works before they got started with playing with it.  The continents all come off of the globe, and each name label comes off as well.  The children can then place all of the pieces back by memory, but if they aren't quite ready there are a few features to help them out.

Each continent is colour coded, so that the colour of the land mass is the same as the writing on the label.  That makes matching up the names to the continents easier.

Each continent also has a shaped peg that matches the hole in the globe itself.  So if you look at the peg and find it is triangle shaped, then you just have to find the triangle shaped hole to place it into.

Knowing this Ethan is now able to place all of the pieces in the right places on the globe, and Ivy can as well (with a little bit of help).  It is also a great talking point, for each of the continents also has pictures of landmarks and of animals.  It's a great way to introduce the children to a few key features of each of the continents, without overwhelming them with too many facts.

We love this Puzzle Globe, it's such a simple toy in many ways but all of the details and features make it a really useful learning tool.  We will definitely be playing with this one for years to come.

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* This is a review post, we were sent the Puzzle Globe from Learning Resources in order to play with it and write our honest opinions.*

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