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Poetry Writing for Young Children


It's World Poetry Day, so when Viking approached us to take part with their project of course we were very excited!  I absolutely love poetry and have always enjoyed teaching it to children as well.  I will never forget, my first teaching placement as a student teacher when I had to introduce the poetry unit and everyone told me that it was the most difficult thing to teach because the kids hated it!  But I came in that day and told the kids that I couldn't wait to teach them about one of my favourite things, and by getting them excited about it they were then keen to learn, and came up with some incredible poems!  

So today it was time to introduce poetry to Ethan and Ivy, even at just 3 and 5 it's never too young to learn.  Viking sent us a fun box of poetry writing supplies, including:

  • calligraphy pen set
  • chisel pen Sharpie
  • fine point Sharpie
  • mini canvas
  • parchment paper
  • coloured paper
  • metallic silver paint pen
  • metallic gold paint pen

I started by talking to them about different types of poems, we played some rhyming games to introduce the idea that some poems rhyme, and then we got started on our very first poems.  We started with the easiest poems there are, the acrostic poem.  I wrote each of their names going down a piece of coloured paper, then we brainstormed words that started with each letter.

This is also a great activity for reinforcing initial letter sounds and they came up with all sorts of words for each letter.  It is also a great introduction to adjectives, as they often came up with words that didn't necessarily describe themselves, but were things that they liked or did.  

For Ivy the words were much more difficult to come up with, but luckily we only needed three!  We came up with intelligent, vocal and young!  I wrote the words on post it notes and then Ivy "copied" them onto the page.  She really enjoyed having a go and doing the activity with Ethan.

For Ethan it was a bit easier, we decided on energetic, tall, happy, adventurous and nice.  I wrote out energetic and adventurous for him on post its, but the other words he wrote on his own.

Next I decided to try introducing shape poems to the kids, although this one was more for Ethan.  As a first draft he drew a heart shape then came up with his poem which he wrote along the lines.  Then we used a piece of parchment paper and I wrote out the poem for him in pencil and he went over the letters with the metallic gold paint pen.  His poem is so sweet, and apparently it's about me.

I can't wait to do some more poem writing with the kids, they really enjoyed it and I'm sure that they will continue to create some wonderful poems.

Happy World Poetry Day!

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* This is a review post, we were sent a box of poetry writing supplies from Viking in order to write this post, all opinions are our own.*

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