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Bubble Wrap Fish Thank You Cards


We absolutely love bubble wrap and spend a lot of time popping those bubbles whenever some comes with a delivery.  But it is also a really fun material to create with, which is just what we did when we made these cards.  We needed to make a big batch of thank you cards after Ethan's birthday, and what could be more fun than painting and stamping out fish!

What you'll need:

  • bubble wrap
  • paint (we used blue, green and white)
  • paint brushes
  • blank cards

This is such a fun and easy way to make lots of cards without it feeling like a big chore for the kids.  We started by cutting the bubble wrap into fish shapes, this is great for working on scissor skills as it's a different material that they're working with and it really builds their hand strength.

Next we mixed up the paint, a great opportunity to talk about what happens when you mix different colours of paint together and how to achieve different shades.  We wanted a few different blues for our fish, so I put blue paint into three sections of our paint palatte and asked what I could add to two of them to make them different shades.  Ethan decided that adding white would make a light blue colour, but neither of them were sure about the green.  So today we learned that blue and green make turquoise.

Now for the fun part, I let the children freely paint the bubble wrap fish in the different shades of blue.  There was no set way that they had to be done, they were just able to discover the texture of painting onto bubble wrap and experiment with the different shades of blue in designing their fish.

Once they had covered the fish I would pass them a blank card and they would stamp their fish onto it to make a fish pattern.  The best part is that the bubble wrap can be used again and again, so they just kept painting and printing over and over.  

The cards look fantastic when they're finished and Ethan can't wait to give them to all of the lovely friends and family who gave him birthday presents.

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  1. Love the fish, they work so well with the bubble wrap! x

  2. They look great - I love creating with bubble wrap must unpack the ornaments to refresh our supply

  3. There is nothing better than a thank you card and I adore these. Thank you for joining in with this months process art challenge.


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