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Bonfire Night Small World Play Craft


It's almost Bonfire Night here in the UK (also sometimes referred to as Guy Fawkes Night), a time when we get together to watch fireworks and warm up by a roaring fire.  It is one of my favourite traditions here and I'm happy to be able to take the kids to join in the fun.  We also love to make Bonfire Night crafts and do activities ahead of time to get excited for the big night.  This is definitely our favourite thing that we've made so far, it's a craft and a small world play set up that the kids can play with and act out the fun we'll have.

What you'll need:
  • a cardboard box
  • Bostik white glue
  • black card
  • Bostik glitter glue
  • sticks
  • red leaves
  • pipe cleaners
  • white pony beads
  • play people (with open hands)

We started by preparing our backdrop and cutting open a cardboard box so that we had a base and a background.  We then covered a piece of black card in glue and stuck it onto the cardboard, then left it to dry.

Once it was dry we used the glitter glue to draw on some fireworks in the background.  Ethan liked experimenting with the different colours and techniques, and found that he was able to put a big blob of glue in the middle then spread it out with the tip of the glue to make it look like a bursting firework.

Next we started making our bonfire.  This was the tricky part, getting all of the sticks to balance on each other!  We used the glue to stick them together and kept them balanced inside a bowl until the glue dried and then it was able to stand on its own.  It was still a bit wobbly, so I continued to add layers of glue and leave it to dry until it was nice and sturdy.  

We then cut up the nice red leaves that we found to look like the flames of the fire and used our glue to stick them onto the sticks of our bonfire.

Finally we used pipe cleaners to be our little people's roasting sticks and threaded one white pony bead onto the end of each one (great for fine motor skills), then wrapped it around to secure it.  We then wrapped the other end of the pipe cleaner around the little persons hand to secure it to them as well.

Then it was all ready to set up and play with!  Our people are happily watching the fireworks and roasting their marshmallows over the fire.  I can't wait to see what else the kids bring into our Bonfire Night small world play scene!

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* This is a review post, we were sent a box of Bostik products and craft supplies in order to make a craft for Bonfire Night.*

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