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Our Sunday Storybook - Indestructibles: Baby Babble


This week we've been on holiday, and we brought a few books each for Ethan and Ivy for in the car and for bedtime stories whilst we were away.  One that I absolutely love for Ivy is this Indestructible book called Baby Babble.

Not only is this a super cute book for teaching Ivy new words, but it truly is indestructible!  The sad truth is that Ivy is a book ripper, she's so destructive!  Ethan was so gentle with books but I've got a whole stack of books in front of me that need repairing because Ivy has torn pages and ripped flaps right off.  So I love that I can leave her with this book and know that it's not going to get destroyed.  That made it the perfect choice for the long drive in the car.

What have you been reading this week?

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