3 1/2 years old

Counting Down to Our Holiday


We went on a lovely holiday to Wales last week, which was just what we needed after all the craziness of moving.  And we had the perfect way to build up the excitement to our trip with this WOW Holiday Countdown Calendar.

It's so cute and just such a brilliant idea for little ones.  It's a 10 day countdown to a holiday that includes a little toy on each day.  It's like an advent calendar for a vacation instead of Christmas.  It was great for Ethan as we're always talking about big events like holidays for so long before, but as he's quite young he doesn't really have a great concept of time.  He literally wakes up everyday asking if the big day has arrived yet.  But this time with his calendar, he was waking up everyday and asking to open another door to find out what toy he would get.

The holiday calendar is special because the toys inside are bath toys, which Ethan loved bringing in to the bath with him every night, and even brought with him on our holiday!  It also helped with his number recognition, as he was able to tell me which number he was going to open that day.  He had real incentive to know which numbers were on the calendar, and even counted down the days and could tell me how many days were left to go.  

It really was a great way of preparing Ethan for our holiday, and now I can't wait to try out the other countdown calendars!  There's one for birthdays, one for preschool and a general special day one for other occasions (which would have been perfect for moving day!)

* This is a review post, we were sent a couple of WOW Countdown Calendars to try out and write our honest opinions about. *

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