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First Birthday Day Out (In London)


Ivy turns one on Sunday, and I'm trying to decide what is the best way to celebrate her big day.  We will have presents and cake, of course, and next weekend we're having a little party with family and friends, but I would like to do something fun for her on the day as well.

We are very lucky to live in London with lots of fun things to do, it is a bit more difficult in the winter with the weather being quite unpredictable.  But here's a list of the options that I have to chose from; London Aquarium, we took Ethan to the aquarium for his first birthday, so it is tempting to do the same for Ivy.  I know that she will love watching all the fish swim around in the big tanks.  Watching fish is mesmerizing for small babies, and it's so much fun to time your day around the different feeding times and watch and learn about all the different sea life.  There's the London Zoo or other smaller zoos or even The Wetland Centre or a City Farm where she would be able to feed the animals.  There's also the museums, like the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum.  I think that she would really enjoy the bubble show and the water play area at the Science Museum, so that is a big possibility.  Or we could just take them both to Build a Bear and let them each make their own special teddy to celebrate a special day.

What did you do for your little one's first birthday?  

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