11 months old

Baby Made Valentine's Day Cards


It's not always easy to find ways to get Ivy involved in our crafting, so many of the things that we make are beyond her abilities or use materials that aren't safe for her (meaning that she would try to eat them!)  So today we made some Valentine's Day cards that were easy for her to be creative with, perfectly safe and will mean that she has something to give to Ethan and her friends.  

All that we used was so red finger paint and a large sheet of paper.  I started by taping the paper to the table so that it wouldn't move around everywhere, then put some of the finger paint into a paint palette so that she could dip her fingers in on her own.  She wasn't sure about it at first, but was soon happily squishing the paint around and patting her hands against the paper, covering it in red paint.  She did try to put her fingers in her mouth once, but I quickly took them away and got her painting her masterpiece again.

After the paint dried I cut out loads of small heart shapes that Ivy had painted.  Some of them we can write on the back of to give to her friends, and others can be stuck onto a folded piece of red card, with room inside for her to do some more scribbling, or even to stick in a photo of her creating her artwork.  I know a certain big brother who will be very excited to get a special card from his baby sister!

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