22 months old

Play Beach


We are very lucky that even though we don't live by the seaside, there is a lovely play beach in the area that we can go to.  This year it's been made even better, with great big Viking boats for the children to play in.  Ethan has been a couple of times this week, and he really enjoys it. As he climbs in and out of the boats, runs around in the sand and digs in the sand to make sandcastles he has lots of fun and it's great for his Physical Development.

We brought along a little shovel and Ethan's dump truck to play with (although there were some toys there for all the children to use).  He happily split his time between running around and exploring, and sitting and filling up the dump truck with sand.  He's not quite got the hang of making sand castles just yet, but I'm sure that we'll have plenty of opportunities to work on it over the summer!

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