22 months old

Going on a Long Drive


Today we took Ethan on his longest car ride yet.  It was meant to be 5 hours...but it turned out to be 7! It was an exercise in all of our Personal, Social and Emotional Development as we worked on patience, ingenuity, creativity and cooperation!

Ethan was very good, considering that he was confined to his car seat for such a long time. 

Here are our top tips for a long car ride:

  • bring lots of snacks
  • bring a selection of toys to introduce at different intervals throughout the journey
    •  toys that we found good for in the car
      •      books
      •      vehicles
      •      people / animals
      •      colouring mats (the Travel Aquadoodle or Megasketcher are good, we found traditional colouring quite difficult in the car)
      •      stickers
      •      electronic toys (as long as the repetitive sound won't drive you crazy) Ethan has a phone that he loves

  • if you have one, bring a tablet loaded with apps (we managed to go 4 hours before bringing out the ipad, but he was so grumpy by then that it was a real help)
  • we also bought Ethan a couple of new magazines when we stopped about halfway at a rest stop, he was excited to choose the ones with toys that he liked and it gave him more options of things to play with for the rest of the journey
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