22 months old

Giant Slide


Today we went to a soft play place that we haven't been to before, and there was a bouncy castle and giant inflatable slide.  As Ethan's not yet 2, I wasn't sure if he would be too small for some of the equipment, but he was very ready!  It was great for him Physical Development as he climbed, slid and bounced around.

Ethan absolutely loved it, as soon as we got there he climbed right into the bouncy castle and started bouncing around (he's been in a bouncy castle only once before and was very unsure).  Then he walked straight over to the giant slide and started climbing up the little steps.  Soon he'd made it all the way to the top and got ready to slide down!  I had no idea how he even knew what to do!  He was so brave, just climbing straight up there with no reservations.  We'll definitely be going back there :)

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