13 months old

Soft Play at Home


Today we played at home, we had a look on the Babycentre website (which we love) and found an age appropriate activity for Ethan to enjoy.   They call it Fun Land at Home and it involves cushions and other things that you'd find around the house stacked up and placed around the room for your toddler to climb around on.

Ethan loves climbing!  It is one of his favourite things, and just the other day he figured out how to climb up onto the couch without any help, but I did place some things there for him to experiment climbing on.  He loved playing with the cushions, throwing them around, putting them on his head and handing them to me.  This helped with his Physical Development as he climbed and clambered around and with his Creative Development as he came up with new ways of using some regular things around the house.

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