13 months old

First Carousel Ride


It is the beginning of my favourite time of year!  Today we started doing our first Christmas activities!  We spent some time trying to get lovely photos for Christmas cards (which of course I can't show you, because they're top secret for now ;)  And we went to the Southbank Christmas Market today!  We went last year as well, it's so much fun to repeat things we did last year and compare how different it is now that Ethan is so much bigger.  We decided that he was big enough to ride the carousel, so we went on together!

Ethan was a bit unsure at first, but I talked to him about what was going to happen before it started to move and whilst we were going around I sang songs to him (Horsey, Horsey) to keep him calm.  The whole experience was new and interesting, which definitely helps to develop his Knowledge and Understanding of the World.  We had such a fantastic time at the Christmas Market, he loved looking at all of the lights and the people.  We'll definitely be going back again this year :)

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