13 months old

Bonfire Night Party - Glow Stick Play


We decided to start our Bonfire Night celebrations a few nights early!  Ethan is still a bit young to take out to a big fireworks display, so we had our own little party at home.  I found lots of ideas on Pinterest for themed foods and we turned off all the lights after dinner and played with glow sticks!

Ethan loved throwing the glow sticks around and watching the colours as I spun them around quickly.  He collected them all together, seeing how many he could carry and then put them all around the room.  He was really entranced by them, it was such a different way of playing with no lights on.  This helped to develop his Knowledge and Understanding of the World, recognising the difference between light and dark.  We also talked about the celebration and festival of Guy Fawkes Night, which is an element of Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

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