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We have been sent a couple of fantastic educational games from Learning Resources that will be the perfect addition to our home learning days.  One is for English and one is for maths (and they've got plenty of other great educational games on their shop).  They also have great free online printable home learning resources that are great to use with the children.

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For English we played Sight Word Swat and it will definitely be something that we add to our weekly home learning plans.  It's great for quick sight word recognition for children from reception age and up.

Inside the box you will find 4 fly swatters and 150 double sided bug word cards.  The cards are colour coded with words that correspond to the different phases of sight words that the children learn in school.  There are phonetic words that are written in white and tricky words that are written in yellow letters.

The game is for 2 - 4 players with at least one person calling out the words for the other players to find.  I started by calling out the words on the orange bugs for the children to find.  Whoever swats the word first picks it up and puts it in their pile.

Once all of the words have been swatted each player counts up their words to see who the winner is.

We then tried some variations by mixing up a variety of words for the children to find.  We also took turns being the caller, as with different aged children you can imagine that the older one was mostly finding the words first and the younger one would get upset.  I also realised that in doing this it was a different challenge for her as she was then the one reading the words out to us all.

The bug cards are very sturdy and can take a beating from those swatters, they are also very easy to read and the children really enjoyed the simple concept of this game.  I could definitely see us using these word bug cards in other ways as well.

For Maths we played the Sum Swamp game which is aimed at children from age 5 and up and is for 2-4 players.

The box contains a game board, 4 playing pieces (swamp critters) and 3 dice, 2 are numbers and the third is an operations dice with + and - symbols.

At first glance it appears to be just like any roll and move game, but on closer inspection you see that there is so much more to it than that and it is very cleverly made.

The players take turns rolling all three dice and then have to do the sum that is rolled to determine how many spaces to move (they say to always put the largest number first, then the operation, then the smaller number for ease of use during subtraction).

The player then moves that number of spaces on the board.  If they land on a marked space then there are further steps to take.  It may say odds or evens which means that you need to roll just one dice until you roll an odd or even number.  If you land on a numbered space then you need to just roll the operations dice to see if you should add or subtract that number from your roll.

There is another interesting part of the board with an endless loop which you can end up going around and around unless you land on the correct space to exit.  The children loved these extra features of the board and it meant that their different ages didn't affect their ability to play the game together.

Overall we really enjoyed both games a great deal, and will definitely be playing both as part of our daily home learning sessions (and beyond!). To see some more games that we love, please read our Board Games for Playing and Learning at Home post. For more fun, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest and sign up to receive our newsletter for regular updates!

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