Uni-Verse Surprise Toys Review


We have been sent some very fun new surprise toys from Spin Master called Uni-Verse!  They are cloud shaped packets with Unicorn surprises inside!  They're fun to discover and fun to play with when you're done!

To start with I will warn you that these can get messy, so we sent out a large mess mat on the floor and had towels handy to clean up any slimy hands and packets.  We also got each of the children a bowl of warm water, then we were ready to get started.

It was Ivy's turn first, she opened up the packet and got out her cloud and instructions sheet.  Then she placed the cloud face up in the bowl of warm water and we watched as it dissolved and revealed orange coloured water, which told us which world her unicorn was from (Sweet Dreams Landing).  There was also a plastic bag with four smaller packets inside when the cloud fully floated away.

We then cut open the very slimy clear plastic bag and took out the four surprise packets to discover what Ivy got.  She opened up the unicorn first and found that she had Jam-Boree Jamie!

Next she opened up the unicorns accessories and pet as well as a scratch card which revealed her likes, dislikes, favourite food and unique rating.  

Then it was Ethan's turn to open his first one, following the same routine with the warm water he watched as the cloud dissolved and turned the water red then retrieved his four packets from the slimy water.  (For some reason this packet was the only one of our four that wasn't in an outer plastic bag, which meant four individual slimy bags to deal with, we much preferred them in a larger bag.)

Ethan found that he had a super unique unicorn that is actually water filled (like a snow globe) and super fun to play with.

By Ivy's next turn we had figured out the process to deal with the slime in the least messy was possible (we are usually fans of slime and messy play, but we found that this slime had an unpleasant odour and texture, so it wasn't very inviting to play with.) 

She found a very unique unicorn this time, it is a burger scented one and even comes with a skateboard!

Finally Ethan opened up his last one, and by this time managed not to get too slimy at all!

He found another very unique unicorn, this one glows in the dark!

Overall Ethan and Ivy are very happy with their collection of Uni-Verse unicorns and accessories.  Even though we weren't personally a fan of the slime element of the toys we did enjoy the reveal with the coloured water and all of the different unique unicorns and all of their accessories.

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*This is a review post, we were sent 4 Uni-Verse Surprise toys to play with and write our honest opinions.*

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