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Schleich Bayala Unicorns


We have been sent some fantastic unicorns from the new Bayala range from Schleich and the kids absolutely love them already!

The details on all of the unicorns is incredible!  From the vibrant colours to the glitter and little gems, every time I pick up one of the unicorns I notice something different about them.  I am amazed by the incredible mane and tail that almost look like they are made of real hair, and the lines on the feathers of the wings.

Of course Ethan and Ivy were desperate to get into the packages and play with their unicorns!  So we quickly opened all three of them to get and even closer look.

Each of the three that we were sent is exquisite in its own way, and the children quickly gave each one a name and decided on a unique personality to suit it.  They are all very well made and sturdy, perfect for children to play with in all sorts of adventures.

They easily created a family story with a Mummy, Daddy and baby unicorn.  They decided that the Mummy and Daddy had to teach the baby how to jump, so they set out to build a set of jumps that the unicorns could use.

It didn't take long to build and then each unicorn had it's turn to soar over the hurdles.  The children were happily playing at this for ages and creating lovely imaginative storylines to go along with them.

Ivy then went off with the Mummy and baby which she has claimed as her own (not surprising) and Ethan was left with the Daddy whom he built a huge obstacle course for.

It was fantastic to see how long these simple unicorns kept the children busy for.  I think it definitely has to do with the fantastic details and realism of each of them.  And when they are not being played with they look lovely on display on the toy shelves.  You can find the Schleich range to buy from Smyths Toys, and we highly recommend that you do as we really love them.

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* This is a review post, we were sent the Schleich Bayala unicorns to play with and write our honest opinions.*

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