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PJ Masks Race Day


When the lovely people at Flair / Just Toys and UK Mums TV asked us to take part in the PJ Masks Race Day of course we had to say yes!  They sent us a lovely box full of fun PJ Masks vehicles and everything that we would need to have our own race day at home, and see who would be the fastest!

*This is a sponsored review post written in collaboration with Flair Toys  / Just Play / 
UK Mums TV and also contains affiliate links.*

Our PJ Masks Race Day Supplies:

The children were so excited to get started and race their PJ Masks vehicles!  Of course Ivy loved Owlette's Space Rover and always had to have it for every race, Ethan's favourite is Gecko and his Gecko Mobile and they would both happily take turns racing the Catcar and the Night Bus!  

The vehicles themselves are fantastic quality and really do hold up to being flung across the room at super fast speeds!  The little characters are also of superb quality, they bend and move so they are fun to play with on their own, but also bend at the waist and sit snugly inside their vehicles (they also didn't go flying during the races, which was very impressive!)

It is just so much fun to set up a race track and watch the children have hours of entertainment racing their PJ Masks vehicles!  (If you don't have a race mat like this one there is some great road tape that you could use or just draw your own out on a big roll of paper!)  

We started by lining up all the vehicles at the starting line, then added a few other characters as spectators (these are toys that we already had) then we laid out the finish flag and prizes at the finish line.

The race flag to wave at the end of the race and the trophy and medals just added to the fun, it would be such a great activity for a play date when the children have friends over to play, or even for a little PJ Masks Race Day themed birthday party!

Ethan really enjoyed announcing the races like a real commentator and introducing each of the PJ Masks and their vehicles (watch our videos below to hear him in action!) 

Here's a few of our races:

To join in the fun we'll be having a Twitter Frenzy with @UKMumsTV on Wednesday 20th February from 1-2pm, and there will even be PJ Masks prizes to be won if you use #PJMasksRaceDay 

The PJ Masks toys are available from Smyths Toys Superstores.

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*This is a sponsored review post written in collaboration with Flair Toys / Just Play / 
UK Mums TV and also contains affiliate links.*

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