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Making Bird Feeders


We haven't been crafting much lately with all the busyness of school, but we were feeling inspired by Ethan's homework this week.  He is learning about birds at school and had to do some bird watching over the weekend, but we realised that we didn't actually have that many birds coming into our garden every day, so we decided to try to attract them by making our own bird feeders!

We wanted to make the easiest bird feeders that we could in a limited amount of time, I was going to just cover some pine cones in peanut butter and then sprinkle with bird seed, but then came across this idea of using gelatine instead, so we had a go with that method.

What you'll need to make Easy Bird Feeders:

  • 2 gelatine packets
  • water
  • bird seed (we used sunflower seeds)
  • cookie cutters
  • straws or sticks
  • tray and baking paper
  • string
It really couldn't be easier to do, we started by dissolving 2 packets of gelatine powder in about half a cup of water.

Then we poured in about 2 cups of bird seed and gave it a good stir around.

Next we scooped out the mixture and put it into the cookie cutters which were on some non stick baking paper on a tray.  We made sure to really press it down after scooping it in to ensure that it sticks together.

We then cut some straws down to make them just a bit taller than the cookie cutters and put a piece of straw into the corner of each shape (this is going to be for the string to go through, you could easily use a stick instead).

Then we left our bird feeders to dry for a couple of hours.  I did flip them over during this time to let the bottom dry out as well.  Then I carefully removed them from the cookie cutters and left them overnight to dry out and set completely.  

In the morning they were dry and ready to put the string through the holes.  

Then we hung them up in the garden and now we wait for the birds to come!

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