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Orchard Toys Mini Games


It's summer time and we're spending lots of time on long car trips, and sometimes train and plane trips too!  Orchard Toys have a lovely range of Mini Games that are absolutely perfect for travel!

They sent us two games to review; Little Bug Bingo and Build a Beetle.  There are loads to choose from, but we liked these as they had a nice summery and nature theme which is perfect for our summer adventures.

Little Bug Bingo is easy to play for children of all ages.  The set comes with bingo boards, bug picture cards and leaf counters.

I love that they suggest that you play by turning all of the picture cards over and having one person at a time turn one over (rather than having one person be the caller) this way everyone can play along.  It also keeps them involved and engaged in the whole game.

After a bug picture card is turned over each player then looks at their bingo card to see if they have that bug.  It they do they can then put one of the leaf counters over it.

The winner of the game is the first to fill their whole bingo card with counters (but we keep playing until everyone finishes).

Build a Beetle is a little bit different, it comes with a spinner and lots of beetle body parts which are colour coded and numbered at the back.

Each player takes turns spinning (ideally to get a six first to get the main body, then to build on there, but we skipped this part as suggested for younger children, as they weren't patient enough to wait!)

You then continue taking turns spinning the spinner and collecting all of the body parts for your beetle.  The winner is the first person to make their whole beetle.

Both of these games are perfect for travel, they can be played by the whole family, but they are also simple enough that the children could play on their own without any adult help.  They come in small boxes which are easy to pack away when you're finished with them.  We can't wait to take Little Bug Bingo and Build a Beetle on our next trip!
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* This is a review post, we were sent the Mini Games from Orchard Toys in order to play with them and write our honest opinions.*

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