4 years old

Unicorn Clay


If there are two things that Ivy loves they are unicorns and messy play!  So what better than to spend an afternoon making some sparkly air dry clay and twisting together some unicorn horns.  They were so easy to make and we got very messy in the process!

Here's what you'll need to make Unicorn Air Dry Clay:

Making the clay couldn't be simpler, we just used a small plastic pot as our measure, as the recipe is 2 parts cornflour and 1 part glue.  Then Ivy was able to fill the small pot twice with cornflour to pour into a larger pot.

Next Ivy filled the small pot with the Bostik White Glu, squeezing the bottle as hard as she could (which is great for building muscle strength in her hands).

Into the glue pot she then squeezed in the contents of an entire gold glitter glue pen.

Then stirred the two types of glue together to make it lovely and sparkly.

Finally Ivy got to pour the glue mixture into the cornflour!

And finally she could get her hands messy mixing it together (and did she ever get messy! It was impossible to get all of the goop off and we were both covered, but she loved it!) 

We then repeated the whole process, but this time using a purple glitter glue pen (and getting slightly less messy, which I think made the dough less pliable!  So the lesson is to get messy for better clay!)

We were then able to roll the dough out into long ropes, which we were then able to twist around each other to make the unicorn horns.

We made one end wider and the other end pointed to resemble a unicorn horn.  We plan on using these as part of other crafts, poking small holes through the end to use them in jewellery and leaving them as they are to stick onto cards.

We even made some little unicorn ears with our gold glittery dough to go along with the horn.  These will be perfect for making an assortment of different crafts, our love of unicorns does not end here!

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* This is a review post, we were sent a box of craft supplies from Bostik in order to make a unicorn craft, all opinions are our own.*

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