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Gold in the Rainbow Discovery Bin


We have been busy searching for gold at the end of the rainbow!  Or in our case, it's more like gold coins hidden in the rainbow of pasta in our discovery bin.  We are having so much fun with this simple bin and learning loads at the same time.

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What you'll need:

  • pasta
  • paint in rainbow colours
  • zip top plastic bags
  • trays
  • gold coins
  • tweezers
  • yogurt pots

The first step is to colour your pasta.  This is pasta that we've already used for our rainbow pasta threading (and I'm sure we'll use for more activities) and we've simply split the pasta into six small plastic zip top bags, added some paint of each colour and shaken it around. Then we leave the pasta to dry overnight on a tray and it's ready to play with the next day.

Then I put the pasta into a large container and hid some gold coins in amongst it all.  I put some large tweezers and little yogurt pots beside the discovery so that the children can pick them up and use them however they choose.

After letting them explore for a little bit I then ask them questions and encourage them to do different things.  For Ethan I asked him to use the tweezers to pick up and collect as many coins as he could into his pot of gold, counting them as he went along.  It's a great opportunity for him to work on fine motor skills as well as counting and one-to-one correspondence.  Then he and I would have races to see how many we could pick up and count up who had more coins in their pot of gold.

For Ivy as she's a bit younger I modelled how to use the tweezers and she gave it a go, but it is quite tricky for her 2 year old hands.  She spent most of the time using the pots as scoops and filling them up and pouring from one to the other.

Once you've got the rainbow coloured pasta it really is a simple discovery bin to set up, and the children can use it in so many different ways, it's definitely one that we'll be leaving out for them to come back to again and again.

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