2 years old

Decorating a Mini Christmas Tree


Today Ethan opened his advent calendar to find that we were going to decorate a little Christmas tree today.  I picked up this cute little tree from a supermarket the other day, as it was just too adorable to resist.  Things are a bit hectic in our house this year, so we haven't had a chance to put up the big tree yet, so we're just doing decorating a little bit at a time.  This tree is extra special because it's Ethan's tree and he can decorate it however he likes.  All of our Christmas traditions are so important as they help Ethan to understand the occasion better and give him that Christmassy feeling as part of his Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

I collected some ribbons, pom poms, pipe cleaners and other little bits that I thought he might like to put on the tree, and then just put it all in front of him and left him to it.  It's really nice to just let him have free reign to do things as he pleases sometimes, there was no right way of doing it.  Sometimes he struggled a bit to put things exactly how he wanted them, and then he would ask for help.  He really enjoyed it and keeps going over to look at his little tree now, it's nice to see him so proud of something :)

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