2 years old

Christmas Place Mat


Today Ethan made his own place mat for Christmas dinner.  I started out with a piece of green sugar paper / construction paper and cut sort of a wreath shape out of the middle.  Then I cut out a large piece of contact paper / sticky back plastic and stuck it to one side.  That left Ethan with a sticky surface to place all sorts of Christmas confetti.  A very simple activity that gave Ethan free reign to express himself with his Creative Development.

Ethan absolutely loved this activity!  He was so happy to explore the little bag of confetti, identifying all of the different Christmas shapes.  Then being able to put them wherever he wanted on the place mat, with no instructions, just freedom to create.  It's actually really interesting to watch the way that he was searching for all of the same ones to then group together (all the Santas together, etc).  But the best part for me, was when he found a few snowflakes and stacked them on top of each other to make a snowman!  I thought it was incredible, as he's never made a real snowman, we've only seen them in books.  He paused at 3 snowflakes, then continued and made a snowman that stretched across the whole mat.  When he was finished I then cut out another large piece of contact paper / sticky back plastic and stuck it on the other side to seal in all of his confetti.  It looks fantastic and he's so proud of it!

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