16 months old

Snow Day Sensory Box


It's snowing!  Not very much, but we have some snow flurries, and since we missed the big snow day in January while we were away, we're having our own snow day inside today!  We put together a snow day sensory box with all sorts of fun stuff to play with and explore.

Inside our box:
  • cotton wool balls
  • scoops and spoons
  • winter animal toys
  • winter clothes (mitts, hats, etc.)

Ethan really enjoyed throwing the cotton balls around, filling the box up and dumping them out again.  He also enjoyed scooping them up, "shovelling the snow", playing with the wintry animals and even wearing his mitts to play with the snow.  He won't normally wear mitts, but he's loving putting them on and taking them off in play, so I'm hoping that I'll have an easier time getting them on him when we go out next!  We had a great time playing in the 'snow' a wonderful activity for Ethan's Knowledge and Understanding of the World as he learns about snow and winter.

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