14 months old

Snowmen with Hats


Today we played with some snowmen and some hats!  This was truly an activity made up of random things in the house.  I was unpacking Christmas decorations and came across all of these little hats that I had collected from smoothie bottles and knew we had to do something with them.  Then I was having an Actimel one day and realised that would be the perfect snowman to wear these hats!  So, today we finally played with them!

Ethan especially enjoyed taking the hats off of the snowmen!  I think that we'll have to work on putting the hats on as a part of his Physical Development as it is quite tricky to fit it over the bottle without the bottle flipping over.  I also thought we needed a bit of Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy so we sang 5 Little Snowmen as we played:

Five little snowmen standing in a row. 

Each had two eyes and a carrot nose. 

Along came the sun and shone all day, 

And one little snowman melted away. 

Four little snowmen... 

Three little snowmen... 

Two little snowmen... 

One little snowman...

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