Dixit Game Review


This month as part of the Blogger Board Game Club with Asmodee we have been playing Dixit.  It is a really unique storytelling  and guessing game which is unlike any of our other games and was very interesting to play with the children.

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The Dixit game comes with picture cards, numbered guessing tokens, coloured rabbit figures and a scoreboard.

Each player starts with a chosen coloured rabbit figure, the corresponding colour set of guessing tokens and six picture cards.  The first player is the storyteller and chooses one of their cards to make up a sentence about.  The other players then look at their own cards and decide which one matches that sentence the best.  Each player (including the storyteller) then puts down their card face down and the storyteller shuffles them together then places them face up in a line.

The other players then use their number guessing tokens to guess which card in the line was the storytellers original card, placing their guesses down at the same time.  Points are then awarded to the players who guess correctly and to the storyteller as well.  The points system is somewhat complicated to explain (but is clearly detailed out in the instruction booklet) and the players move their little rabbit on the scoreboard to show how many points they have received.

Each player then picks up a new card from the pile to add to their hand and the next player is then the storyteller, and play continues as it did in the first round.  The winner is the first player to reach 30 points.

It was interesting to explain to the children the complexities of how to make a good sentence for the game, it should be broad enough that other players can find a card to suit it, but not too broad so that no one can guess which card is yours.  There is a real art to coming up with the ideal sentence and that makes this game fantastic for creative thinking.  I wasn't sure if the children were enjoying it or if it was too advanced for them, but when we finished they asked to play again straight away!  It would be an ideal game for a family games night.

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