Crazy Eggz Game Review


As part of the Asmodee Blogger Board Game Club this month we have been sent the game Crazy Eggz!  It's a great game for getting active and silly during our days at home!

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Crazy Eggz is a game aimed at children from age 7 and up and for 2 - 4 players.  It only take about 15 minutes to play, so it's a great one for in between other activities.  The aim of the game is to be the first person to collect 5 of the eggs.

The game includes 9 orange eggs and 1 blue egg (the blue egg is heavier and harder than the other eggs, so it is more difficult to hold), 1 egg stand, 1 red action die and 1 white body die.

Play starts by placing the egg stand in the middle of the table each player rolling the body die and then holding 1 orange egg with their body according to what they have rolled.  The options are under the armpit, inside the elbow, between neck and shoulder, under the chin, between the knees or a choice of those places.

Next the youngest player starts by placing an egg in the egg stand then rolls the action die, all players must then do the action on the die.  They are shout like a rooster, take the egg on the stand, take the action die, do the disco pose, put their finger to their lips and say hush or put one of their hands on the egg on the stand.  Either the first person to do this wins the egg or the last person has to put one of their eggs back.

Play continues this way, doing silly actions and collecting eggs in different body parts until a player has 5 eggs.  If any eggs are dropped they have to go back in the egg carton.  Once a player has 5 eggs they need to do a victory dance, stand up, turn around and make rooster sounds!  

The kids both thought that the game was hilarious and loved playing it, it was perfect after a busy day of school / home school and one we'll definitely be playing again and again.

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