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Zuru Smashers Epic Dino Egg Review


We have been sent these super cool Zuru Smashers Dino Eggs to play with and we are absolutely loving them!  We were sent one huge Epic Dino Egg and 2 packs of the mini Smashers Eggs.

Ethan couldn't wait to get into the Epic Dino Egg!  So that is what we did first, we had a good look at the label to read about what's inside, and there is loads in there!  Ethan was so excited to find out what these 25 surprises were going to be!

So Ethan peeled off the wrapper and got the massive egg open to find that there was another packet inside that needed to be opened.

Inside of this packet we found so many fantastic things, there was a scratch map, glowing slime, ice age putty, a fossil rock, fizzy lava, dino dirt, some tools and six of the mini dino smashers eggs.

The first that that Ethan did was to smash into those mini eggs to see which collectible dinosaurs he had got.  He was really excited by all of them, there are a few rare and different ones in there, so now his collection has begun.

Next we moved from a carpeted floor to a nice wipe clean table, as it was time to get messy!  I hadn't actually realised until we opened it all up, but there are loads of different activities in this egg, you don't just open it and get some toys, but you've got to work for those toys by finding them in all sorts of different sensory materials (which we love!) . We also got out some scissors, a tray and a large yogurt pot for a few of the materials, but that was all that we needed.

So Ethan scratched the first spot on his scratch map and saw that it was time to open up the Dino Dirt!  The first thing that impressed me was that the Dino Dirt comes in a resealable bag!  So Ethan opened up the bag, found some dinosaur bones, played with the dirt (which is actually kinetic sand) then we easily picked it up from the tray and popped it back in the bag to play with another day.

Next he delved into the Fizzy Lava (which was a bit like a bath bomb that you put in water) we put the water into a yogurt pot and watched it all bubble over (but for even less mess you could do this one in the sink) and then Ethan found another dinosaur bone inside.

Next onto the Glowing Slime, which also comes in a resealable bag to play with again!  So Ethan played with the slime, found some dinosaur bones, then popped it back into the bag for next time.

The scratch map lead Ethan to the Fossil Rock next which requires the little hammer that came with it to bash and crush the rock to find the dinosaur bones hidden inside.

Finally onto the Ice Age Putty which comes in a resealable egg, so again it can be saved for play another day.  Ethan dug through the putty to find the dinosaur bones then easily popped the putty back into the egg.

Then Ethan had all eleven dinosaur bones and was able to follow the instructions to put them all together.  He was easily able to find where everything went, but did need a little bit of help to push some of the tougher pieces in.

Then he had a very cool t-rex which he made at the end!  I have to say that I am extremely impressed with the Epic Dino Egg.  Because each of the elements was so unique and involved so many different materials Ethan was kept focused and determined to discover all the pieces and build his dinosaur for ages.  I think that it took him nearly 2 hours to complete the whole process as he was playing with slime and things along the way.  And we've still got all of those materials to play with again.

Here is the whole process of opening up and playing with the Zuru Smashers Epic Dino Egg:

Then Ethan and Ivy each had a pack of the smaller Smashers Dino Eggs to open.  These packs have two dinosaurs that you can see as well as 6 eggs to smash open.  Five of the smash eggs contain dinosaur toys and one of the eggs will have a fossil rock to dig open.

Each Smashers egg is made up of six pieces which fit together like a puzzle.

When you drop the egg it smashes open and you find your toy that was hidden inside.  These eggs can be put back together and played with again and again, instructions are included as to how the pieces fit together.  (However we all struggled to get them back together as it does require quite a bit of coordination.)

Both children were very excited to find their one fossil rock in one of their eggs, adding a bit more fun to the whole smashing process.

We headed outside with the fossil rocks and some paint brushes to have our own little dino dig.  The kids smashed the rocks and brushed away the dirt to find the hidden fossil toy inside.

Ivy actually managed to smash just the back of hers and the whole front of the rock came off in one piece which had an imprint of the fossil, which was very cool.

Ivy was very happy with her collection at the end of the process.

And Ethan had already put his first 6 dinos from the epic egg into a collector box (I pick up these craft boxes from the pound shop, they're perfect for collectables) and added his new eight dinos to them.  He's got an impressive collection already!

Overall we really liked the Smashers Dino Eggs, I was extremely impressed with the contents of the Epic Dino Egg and of course the children love all of the collectables.  I think that it would make a great gift or a fun play date activity if you have a couple of children coming over to play.

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* This is a review post, we were sent the Zuru Smashers Epic Dino Egg and Smashers Mini Eggs to play with and write our honest opinions.*

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