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Ooks Review


There is nothing that my children love more than making things.  They will happily stick all sorts of things together to create lovely crafts all day long.  But they especially love when they can create something truly special, which they can do with these books on the Ooks app that we've been reviewing.  They get to create their very own digital stories which you can then order as real printed books to keep forever.

It's so easy to use, you can simply download the Ooks app and then hand it over to your child.  The instructions to make a book are very clear, they start by designing their own Ook, who is the main character in their story.  They then begin the story and get to make all sorts of decisions about what their Ook should do, which leads their story in different directions.  They also get to design and draw different elements to the book, which they really enjoyed and look fabulous in the printed books.

Like this page from Ivy's book, where you can see her Ook, which she name Lvyfh-OOK (I'm not quite sure how to pronounce that, but it's what she chose!) And you can see the torches on the wall which she has drawn, and are now part of the illustrations in the book. She loves to flip through and find all of the little things that she drew herself.

Ooks also make clothing and they very kindly sent us a t-shirt for each of the children as well!  So now they can wear their tops and read their books any time they like!  Do take a look as they've got a few other items as well (and some are even on sale!)

Ethan also really enjoyed making his own book, and it was great for him as he could read all of the instructions and really create his book independently (so he was very excited to show it to me when he had finished!) . Again it's all those little touches that he loves, on this page you can see that he was able to choose his own menu specials as well as designing a chef's hat for his Ook (names Superook-Ook).

It really has been such a fun process of making their own Ooks books, the perfect activity for a rainy day indoors.  You can make as many books as you like on the app, and then just go through and choose which ones you would like to order and have printed out.  So much fun!

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* This is a review post, we were given Ooks books to create, and two tshirts, all opinions are our own.*

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  1. I have never heard of ooks. It sounds like a neat concept.


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