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Look and Find Number Jigsaw


We were just sent this Look and Find Number Jigsaw from Orchard Toys to review, and we are loving it already!  It couldn't have come at a better time for Ivy as she is starting school in September and somewhat reluctant to learn in conventional ways (so we're doing lots of learning through play!)

The box contains two different puzzles, so the first step is to take out all of the pieces and turn them over so that you can sort them into piles.  Ivy took all of the red pieces and Ethan took all of the blue pieces.

Then they turned their pieces over and started to build their puzzles.  Ethan had the picture puzzle, so he just had to find the pieces that fit together.

Ivy had the number puzzle, so as well as seeing which pieces fit together she was able to identify the numerals and use that to help her find where each piece went.

When they had finished building their puzzles, we put them beside each other.  This is when the children noticed that the number puzzle is like an instruction sheet for the picture puzzle.  They had to find the items beside each number.  So Ethan went first, finding one tractor, then Ivy had to find 2 giraffes and so on.

The children really enjoyed finding the items in the picture.  Many are easy to find like the stack of oranges, some are trickier like the snails which are hidden throughout the picture.

Once they had finished finding all of the items they immediately took the puzzles apart and swapped!  They each built the puzzle that they hadn't the first time, and then switched which items they looked for in the finished puzzles as well.

Since doing this puzzle for the first time with Ethan after school one day, Ivy has asked to do it again with me every single day.  She absolutely loves it, and I love that we are reinforcing her knowledge of the numerals to ten, encouraging her finding and counting skills.  It's a fantastic puzzle, we love it!
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* This is a review post, we were sent this jigsaw puzzle from Orchard Toys in order to review it and write our honest opinions.*

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