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Lego Learning Activities for a Fun Week - Summer Camp at Home


Lego is definitely our absolute favourite building toy and learning tool.  We have more Lego sets that I could possibly admit, and a few big boxes of Lego for building our own creations. So we definitely don't need much convincing to get the Lego out and start to build!  And as it's summer it's time to bring that Lego outside, it's not just for rainy days anymore!  We are so excited to be taking part in the Summer Camp at Home series, full of fun themed activities for each week of the summer holidays.  Join the Summer Camp at Home Facebook Group to keep up with all of the fun!

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Lego Learning Week

If you want to take part in our Lego Learning week, here are a few things that you might need:

Monday - Duplo and Play Dough

This one is a super easy way to start the week, just get out that big box of Duplo and a few pots of play dough (or make your own, our favourite is this simple to make and incredible smelling Kool Aid Play Dough) then start making patterns with your Duplo box.

This is suitable for any age of children (even if they've outgrown the Duplo!) Try asking them to make a pattern with the different sizes of blocks, alternating sizes and following along.  

We also used some blocks that are similar to Duplo but are hollow to make our own play dough building blocks, which are really fun to play with!

Tuesday - Fishing for Number Duplo

Another day to play with that Duplo!  This time I wrote numbers using a permanent marker on each piece of Duplo and we brought them outside to do some water play.  We placed all of the numbered Duplo into a large bucket of water and then used a small toy fishing net to pick up one at a time.

For Ivy this activity was just about identifying numbers, each time she picked up a Duplo block she had to tell me which number was on it.  For older children you can add the challenge of then putting the blocks into numerical order or even to add the blocks together and tell you the sums.

Another fun math activity with Duplo is this Tower Building Busy Bag.

Wednesday - Lego Minifigure Ice Excavation

This one takes a bit of preparation, so we actually set it up the day before.  We have this great Lego lunch box which we filled about half way with water and then placed a few minifigures inside.  We then put the box into the freezer for the water to freeze.  After a few hours I took out the box and topped it up with water as all of the minifigures had floated to the top and I wanted them in the middle.

Once the block is fully frozen it is ready to play with!  We brought it outside and put it into a low bucket then warmed it up with our hands to free it from the lunch box.  The kids were so excited that it came out in the shape of a big Lego brick!  

Then we set to work with our hammers and chisels (we used wooden hammers from other toy sets and metal spoons as our chisels) to free the minifigures.

Thursday - Make a Lego Minifigure Reading Buddy

We definitely want to keep the children reading throughout the summer so that we don't experience that summer slide and have them forgetting everything they've learned this year. So we are reading every day, and making it fun by creating these cool minifigure reading buddies to help us follow along with the words in the books.

Friday - Lego Floating Boat Challenge

And finally, on the last day of the week it's time for a challenge!  I asked each of the children to make me a boat out of Lego, the challenge being that we want it to float in the water! They both set to work trying out different designs and making some incredible boats.

Then they tested them out in the water to see if they would float! Neither floated on the first try, so they went back and made some changes until they achieved their goal.  

It's a great way to keep them focused and to get their problem solving skills working. 

And if you're going on holiday at some point this summer, why not make a DIY Lego Busy Box to bring along with you?

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