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Shampoo Slime


We love using all sorts of weird and wonderful materials to play with, and today we found a few bottles of shampoo that isn't the type that we use for the kids anymore, so we decided to play with it instead!  Our first plan was to make some slimy goop to play with.

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What you'll need:

We started by measuring out our ingredients using our measuring scoops.  We used a very basic measure of 2 parts corn flour / corn starch to one part shampoo.  As we didn't have a lot of corn starch this was all the slime that we could make, but we'll definitely be making a bigger batch next time as it is so fun to play with!

Next we stirred our ingredients together.

Then it was time to get messy and put our hands into the slime to really bind the corn starch and shampoo together.

Then it was time to play!  Our very simple recipe didn't take much to prepare but was super fun and messy to play with and explore.  We'll be making much more of this and other shampoo fun in the future!

If you liked this then you're going to love this Slimy Goop (we made it for Halloween, but you can make it any day!) it uses chia seeds to make a fun globby mess to play with, we're going to experiment with the recipe soon to make a thicker slime!  Also check out our Play Dough for Sensitive Skin, it's perfect for some fun messy play and uses all natural ingredients!

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  1. Affordable and easy to make.

  2. I am not trying to be rude but I always try it at home and I also look at YouTube and try and it never works I wish u could just send it to our house and we pay u like 50p or 20p������


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