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Happy Birthday Miffy


Can you believe that adorable little Miffy turns 60 this year?  There are so characters that are just irresistibly cute and Miffy is definitely one of them!  As soon as I had kids I was excited to start buying them Miffy books and toys to cherish, so when I was asked if I wanted to be a Miffy Mum and help celebrate Miffy's 60th Birthday of course I jumped at the chance!

We were sent a fun pack of Miffy goodies including some colouring sheets, cupcake toppers, a magnet, a sample of the milestone cards (which are so cute and I wish I had known about when Ethan and Ivy were born), an adorable keyring and three Miffy books.

We are really enjoying the Miffy books, Ivy loves flipping through the pages of Miffy Look and See, peeping through the holes to the next page of the book.  Miffy at the Gallery is a really sweet look at a visit to an art gallery for the first time through Miffy's eyes and is definitely something that I'll read to the children before their first art gallery visit.  And of course we loved reading Miffy's Birthday and it inspired us to make Miffy her very own cake.

Of course because Miffy is a pretend bunny, we made her a pretend cake!  We started by making some orange playdough (using our Kool Aid play dough recipe) and then using some fun tools like a roller and spoons to form our dough into a lovely cake for Miffy.  Of course it had to be orange, with layers of light yellow (lemonade scented) play dough as the icing in between the layers.  We topped it off with six candles (as we simply could not fit sixty candles on our little cake!) and we sang Happy Birthday to Miffy.

We're having so much fun celebrating Miffy's birthday, and there's definitely more fun to come!  We can wait to share more Miffy activities, and may even make a real cake next time.

* This is a review post, we were sent a box of Miffy goodies in order to play with them and write our honest opinions.  This post also contains affiliate links.*

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