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Ivy's First Birthday Cake Smash


We were very lucky to be spending the past few weeks in warm and sunny Cape Town, so I was able to do Ivy's cake smash a bit early, and able to do it outside to get some really lovely photos.  (Here's a sneak peak, I'll be making a collage of all the best ones and printing out a big copy to put up at her birthday party.)

For the cake itself I found a recipe online for a healthy cake, it had bananas and apple sauce in it instead of sugar and I made a cream cheese icing.  I won't share the recipe with you, because to be honest it didn't turn out quite right.  If I was more of a perfectionist I probably would have tried a few different ones out, but I figured that since she was just going to smash it anyway, it didn't really matter what it looked like to begin with!

I dressed her in a cute tutu and starry top, put a bow in her hair and placed her in front of the cake...of course to my complete surprise she very delicately picked off each little strawberry piece and ate them nicely one by one!  It was hilarious and so very Ivy to just go for the fruit.  It took a little bit of persuasion, but eventually I got her smushing and grabbing handfuls of cake to eat.

Afterwards I didn't even have to worry about how to clean her up, I just filled a wash tub up with soapy water, and let her splash around right there in the garden, which made for some pretty cute photos as well!  

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