3 years old

Making a Christmas Stable


Ethan loves to make things, and today he asked to make a farm house.  So I decided to take this opportunity to make a Christmas stable instead.  It's so interesting, because Ethan's only three, of course his memory of last Christmas is not very clear, but I didn't really think about the fact that he would have completely forgotten the Christmas story.

So we chose a nice big box, covered it in plain white paper and painted it red (his choice).  And whilst we did all of those things I told Ethan the Christmas story.  I went for a quite simplified version, and Ethan asked lots of questions along the way, but I am hoping that he will now remember what happened on the first Christmas.

To further solidify the story in his head, once the stable was dry we got out some of his little people toys and acted it out together.  Ethan chose a toy to be each person in the story and we told the story back to each other together.  It will be nice to get out our Nativity scene and our Christmas books out next week to fill in some more details of the story.

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