6 months old

Ethan's Christening


Today was Ethan's Christening day!  We decided to have Ethan Christened in Cape Town (where his Daddy's from) and then someday if we're lucky enough to have another baby we'll have them Christened in Canada (where I'm from) or here in London.  As we don't live in Cape Town, we don't have a regular church and minister, so we found a lovely little stone chapel at The Range and found a minister online who could perform the ceremony.

We were very lucky, as even though we didn't know the minister personally, he performed the ceremony beautifully and said some really lovely things.  We chose Ethan's Aunt and his Daddy's best friend as Ethan's Godparents, and it was wonderful to have them both there (as well as many other guests) to share in Ethan's special day.

After a lovely ceremony we went back to Ethan's Grandparents house for the Noah's Ark themed celebration.  We had a Noah's Ark cake (made by a family friend), animal themed snacks in animal bowls, Noah's Ark plates and napkins, animal toys and books for the other children to play with and look at, and a tissue paper rainbow as a part of the decorations.

Everyone had a lovely time at the party, we are so blessed to have had so many people there to share in Ethan's special day and so generously give him such beautiful gifts.  Thank you very much to Ethan's Grandparents for hosting the party and to everyone who came to celebrate with us :)

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