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Magic Spelling Game


We have been trying out another new game from Orchard Toys called Magic Spelling and it couldn't have come at a better time! {We were gifted this game for review from Orchard Toys}

Magic Spelling is aimed at children from ages 5-7 which is perfect for us as Ivy is 5 and Ethan is 7.  We love a game that they can both play and both be challenged by, and so this one is a great fit for our family.

We started by setting up all of the game pieces, there are a lot of different elements to this game, but that also means that it's quite easily adaptable, which we also like.  This way we can start with a simplified version of the game and add the other bits on later to challenge ourselves.

Each player gets a spell book ingredient list then begins by choosing one of the word cards (there are two different levels of these, so you can just use the easier ones or mix the harder ones in as well) then looks at the picture on the card and says how to spell it.  

The spelling of the word is hidden under the magic panel which you rub to reveal it.  This is meant to be done as a check at the end, but Ivy felt more comfortable doing it first, so that is one simple adaptation that we made for her.

Then you get to use the magic wand to find the letters that you need to spell the word.  Each letter can only be seen through the red plastic on the wand.  There is also a sand timer which you have to find the letters before it runs out (another rule that we easily adapted for Ivy during her first few times playing the game).

After successfully finding all of the letters to spell the word you can then choose one of the ingredients that you need for your spell (of course Ivy chose the unicorn poo first!)

Ivy's favourite part was definitely the magic wand, she loved looking for all of the letters and even wanted to do it for my turn as well!  And for a girl that can be a bit of a reluctant reader this is a very good step!

Then once a player collects all of their ingredients for their spell they get to spin the spinner!  If it lands on the crossed bones they have to put back one spell ingredient and try to spell another word, if it lands on Abracadabra they win the game and get to cast their spell!

It is a really fun game to play and fantastic for reinforcing spelling skills and letter recognition.  It is super adaptable to suit the needs of children of varying abilities, which we love.  So we would definitely recommend the Magic Spelling game!
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* This is a review post, we were sent the Magic Spelling Game from Orchard Toys in order to play with it and write our honest review.*

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