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DIY Mermaid Costume


World Book Day is coming up, and we love to take part and have the kids dress up as their favourite book characters.  It's fantastic seeing how all the kids really get into it and go for some elaborate costumes.  However, I'm not that fun, I'm much more practical!  I think that if you're going to wear a costume to school for the day it needs to be comfortable, any extra parts need to be removable in case they get in the way of your activities and because I am no seamstress it needs to be made out of regular clothes put together in creative ways.

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This year Ethan just has to go to school in pyjamas, so that one's easy.  But in previous years he has dressed up as Peter Rabbit and as Max from Where the Wild Things Are.  So this year it's Ivy's turn as it's her first year at nursery, and she loves the book The Singing Mermaid, so she will be the main character from that book.

What you'll need to make a DIY Mermaid Costume:

There wasn't a lot of making to this costume to be honest, once I had sourced all the of the different bits it could be a costume just as it was with the top, swim suit top, the leggings (which are the most important part!), the skirt and the shoes.  

For the tail I did want to do a little something extra, so I used the spare pair of mermaid leggings and turned them upside down, so the waistband is now the bottom of the tail.  I used a loom band and wrapped it around the middle to scrunch it together.  Then I used the double sided tape to stick the legs together.  It's not quite finished yet, I will use pipe cleaners to make it more sturdy (final photos to follow).

I will also be making a headpiece out of the artificial leaves to go in Ivy's hair to look like The Singing Mermaid.  I may also make her a seashell necklace (even though she doesn't wear one in this story, one of Ivy's other favourite mermaids does, and this costume could easily be adapted to suit other story characters).

Other mermaid books that we love and this costume could be slightly altered for:
  • The Singing Mermaid (buy from Amazon US / Amazon UK)
  • The Very Messy Mermaid (buy from Amazon US / Amazon UK)
  • The Little Mermaid (buy from Amazon US / Amazon UK)
  • Mermaid (buy from Amazon US / Amazon UK)
  • Mermaid Magic (buy from Amazon US / Amazon UK)
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