1 year old

Making Bug Houses


We have been so lucky to have really nice weather this week, so we have been making the most of it and spending a lot of time at the park and in our garden.  We're always looking for fun things to make and do, and after playing with some children in the park who were collecting sticks to make a house, Ethan got the idea that he would like to make a house for bugs to live in.

So, later that afternoon, after Ethan's nap we searched through our recycling box for some good empty boxes that could house bugs and took them out into the garden.  My idea was for each box to hold a different material and that we could go back and check which materials attracted different types of bugs.

Of course the children had different ideas, and after making our first bug house just with sticks, they each went on to make another box with anything and everything that they could find in the garden!

Ivy loved playing with the dried leaves, crunching them up into little pieces and taking them in and out of the box.  She kept filling the box up with leaves and then dumping it all out again and starting all over again.  I think that she could have sat there playing with leaves all day long!

Ethan collected leaves, grass, sticks and seed pods and put them all in his box.  He even found some little ants and put them in there to live and get his little bug house started.  He was so excited to be making a place for bugs to live and woke up the next day asking to go and check if there were any bugs inside it yet!

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