7 months old

Heuristic Play Treasure Basket


We've had a lovely gift from Ethan's Great Aunt, it's a Heuristic Play Treasure Box!  She collected up a load of lovely items and put them all together for Ethan to play with and explore. Here's more information about treasure baskets from The Imagination Tree as she's got lots of different options on her blog.

In the basket there are all sorts of items made of different materials, many of which can be found around the house.  There's wooden kitchen utensils (like a rolling pin), natural elements (like a pine cone), metal items (like a whisk, Ethan's favourite), cloth items (a piece of satin and some felt squares).  There are so many lovely things in the basket, Ethan sometimes focuses on just one item to play with and sometimes goes through them all until he finds just what he's looking for.

Ethan absolutely loves it!  He enjoys taking all of the items out of the box and examining them, bashing them together and, of course, putting them in his mouth.  It's interesting for me as well, to see how much he enjoys playing with all of the metal items.  Of course we don't have any metal baby toys and Ethan is really enjoying exploring this new material, a part of his Knowledge and Understanding of the World.

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