5 months old

Baby Sensory Toy Box


Ivy has reached an age now where she's really interested in everything around her.  I decided that it was time to put a few things together in a little discovery box for her senses.  I wanted to include some things that were visually interesting, that made sounds, and that had different textures to stimulate all of her senses.

I chose a few things that we already had in the house, these were toys of Ethan's or other items from around the house.  A sensory or discovery box needn't be full of new and fancy things, just items that a baby will be able to explore.  I have included:

Ivy loves all of these items on their own, but she was really happy to have them altogether.  She went through each one at a time, shaking it around and exploring it in different ways (usually by putting it in her mouth.) I was able to leave her on her tummy for a little while exploring on her own, and then when she tired of that I took her into my lap and we looked at each item together.  This is a great activity for a baby before learning to sit, as all of the toys can be examined whilst on their tummies or their backs.  Now that Ivy is sitting, I am able to leave the toys in the box and she can take them out one by one to play with.  This is just the start of her sensory and discovery box days!

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